Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana

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Figure 1. C. ghiesbreghtiana


Common Names:

Coligallo palm, (Spanish for roosters tail in reference to the leaf shape)
Vampire palm (in reference to its being pollinated by bats)

Distribution & Habitat:

An understory rainforest palm from Southeast Mexico and Central America, where it is found from sea level up to 1500m (4800') into the cloud forests.


A very attractive, small, solitary palm with partially split feather leaves up to 1.2m (4') long and dark green. The new leaves can be a dark red through to red-orange colour. The flowers are produced all year, on upright inflorescences. They are monoecious but the male and female flowers open at different times.


Its flowers are pollinated by bats.


Sheltered and moist but well drained. Although found at cool altitudes, it isn't very frost tolerant. Very popular with palm collectors.

Figure 2. C. ghiesbreghtiana

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