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===Contributed by members of the South East Queensland chapter of PACSOA


Nick Craig (D'Aguilar)

I have had no problems with this genus over the past 2 years, particularly with reasonable sized potted specimens. I did lose Sanumb grown from seed, but I suspect that was over watering!

Species In Ground: C. hollrungii - foliage is suffering due to cold winds but is looking quite resilient - about 0.5m high. C. albertsiana - smaller than above but with similar characteristics.

Species In Pots: Mara, Brriau, polyphyllus, Sanumb, Kal Tekyik, albertsiana. All species doing well with the characteristic red new growth on some. Sanumb is 2 foot tall and looking great.

They appear to be far less touchy than one may think...looking at their distribution. I am looking forward to experimenting with how much sun they can take and their rate of growth. Overall a genus well worth the effort...with the chance of better things to come!

David Tanswell (Bardon) Not a lot of success with several species apart from C. hollrungii and C. stenoglista. C. albertsiana is still hanging in there but no success with polyphyllus, including reasonably large potted specimens. Main problem seems to be caused by warm dry winds at this time of the year. C. hollrungii is flowering and C. stenoglista is growing vigorously. Specimens with little or no direct sun do better.

Phillip Arrowsmith (Ashgrove) Phillip planted out a batch of the newer species in the ground last summer including C. polyphyllus, C. albertsiana, C. paucifiorus and C. sp "Sanumb". They have all done well in a semi-shaded spot, completely unaffected by winter, continuing to produce new leaves. C. awa and Brriau are also fine but not quite as vigorous as the others.

Also last summer Phillip planted out a larger specimen of C. archibaldiana (several smaller seedlings previously died) and a C. stenoglista which had been in a pot in the glasshouse for some years. These, plus a C. hollrungii do not seem to be as happy as the others. A C. spicatus is also growing, very slowly, in a heavily shaded spot. Others, such as C. sp "Demah Kapei", C. sp "Kal Ketyik" and C. mara remain in pots in the glasshouse for the time being.

Greg & Carlien Smith (Bulimba) We are growing C. mara, C. spicatus, C. hollrungii, C. stenoglista, C. albertsiana, C. polyphyllus, C. paucifiorus, C. awa, C. sp. "Sanumb" and C. sp. "Kal Ketyik" in a shaded, moist, well mulched area of our garden and all are doing well, albeit after only 2 years in ground. We have lost quite a few in pots, in a glasshouse, some due to short spells without water, others (particularly C. albertsiana) due to heavy infestations of mealy bug.

Following the success so far in the ground we are looking fodward to planting out specimens of C. brriau, C. micholitzii, C yamutumune and C. sp. "Uah" (mottled) this summer.

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