Butyagrus yatay x romanzoffiana

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Figure 1. Butia yatay X Syagrus romanzoffiana in Cordoba, Argentina.


Common Names:

Mule Palm


This palm is a natural hybrid between Butia yatay, and Syagrus romanzoffiana. Hybrids between the 2 genera aren't unusual, however the normal cross is between B. capitata and S. romanzoffiana, so this one is unusual in that respect.

Because its a hybrid between 2 genera, it is sterile, and will never produce viable seed.


Since this is a hybrid between two of the toughest, and easiest to grow palms, the expectation would be that it also be very hardy, and it would also have "hybrid vigour".

The problem with these plants is that first the crossing has to happen and then the seedling has to survive the cattle or fire. Generally Syagrus is in lower areas close to rivers and Butias are in higher sandy sectors . In the sandy sectors people make agriculture and then plant different trees such as Syagrus around the house. This makes the crossing easier but it is rare you will find a seedling since people clean or cut the grass.

Figure 2. B. yatay X S. romanzoffiana
Figure 3. B. yatay X S. romanzoffiana
Figure 4. Near Goya, Province of Corrientes, Argentina.
Figure 5. Near Goya, Province of Corrientes, Argentina.
Figure 6. B. yatay X S. romanzoffiana. These Butyagrus from B. yatay are more massive than both Butia and Syagrus.

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