Butyagrus x alegretensis

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Figure 1. B. x alegretensis leaf detail


Distribution & Habitat:

This hybrid occurs naturally in areas where the species Butia lallemantii and Syagrus romanzoffiana grow together, in Rio Grande do Sul state – Brazil and Uruguai, often found in Alegrete municipality (Rio Grande do Sul)


Solitary or with two stem, up to 3.50 m tall. Stem 22-30 cm diam. Leaves 9-19, 100-220 cm long; leaflets 35–40 per side, regularly arranged, inserted in 1 or more planes, quite consistent arranged among themselves inserted on “V” along the rachis; Inflorescences 100 cm long; peduncular bract grooved. Fruits 2.5-3.0 1.8-2.7 cm, maturing yellow or yellowish green; endocarp 1.8 -2.6 0.9-1.4 cm; 1-2 sterile seeds.


Possibly fast to moderate growth. Very cold hardy.

Figure 2. B. x alegretensis


Contributed by:

Kelen P. Soares, see RODRIGUESIA 65(1): p.113-139. 2014.

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