Butia yatay var. paraguayensis

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Figure 1. Approximate locations of B. yatay var. 'Paraguayensis'habitats in Argentina.


Local Names:

Yatay Pon", Cocos Pon"


This palm, between 2 - 4 meters in height, grows in sandy soils or pure sand, near large rivers, in the hills, in north center of Corrientes and south of the Misiones province, where it can exist in large populations.

It is very similar to Butia yatay but only grows between 2 and 4 meters high. The leaves are short, very curved, and their color is similar to Butia yatay. It also has good tolerance to cold (-6°C). Fruits are conical, yellow when mature, and bear seeds like B. yatay, but smaller.

"Yatay Pon"" is the common name from the old Guaran"es Indians.

Although this species is occasionally common in some sites, is endangered in habitat due to agricultural utilization of the land, mainly, to cultivate pine trees for wood.

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