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Figure 1. B. sp. "Paraguay" in habitat, Paraguay


Common Names:


Distribution & Habitat:

Grasslands of north Paraguay on red sandy soils.


An undescribed Butia with a subterranean branched palm to 2 metre tall to the top of their leaves. Leaves rigid upright (not recurved) green, with long, soft and narrow leaflets. Large yellowish petiole with fibrose margins. Fruits 3-5 cms, large, brownish-violet.

More closely resembling a species of Syagrus than a Butia.


Unknown in cultivation.


Probably frost resistent as most Butias are. Drought tolerant.

Figure 2. B. sp. "Paraguay"
Figure 3. B. sp. "Paraguay" petioles
Figure 4. B. sp. "Paraguay" infructescence.

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Dr Gaston Torres Vera, Argentina Palms (Text & Figure 1,2,3&4).

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