Butia microspadix

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Figure 1. B. microspadix in habitat, Parana state, Brazil.


Distribution & Habitat:

Threatened campos vegetation in Parana state, Brazil. The species is extremely rare and threatened. The pictures were taken in a small preserved area near Ponto Grosso.


A very small grasslike Butia rarely forming a trunk, which at most can be 20 or 30 cm high. Very difficult to find due its ability to blend with the campos vegetation. The palm rarely exceeds 60cm total height. Unfortunately, local agriculture has destroyed most of the campos habitat and only a few isolated patches of campos vegetation remain.


Prefers full sun and grows in a local red clay soil amongst thick campos vegetation which also includes the local Allagoptera leucocalyx. Very slow growing. It grows in an area that sees frequent heavy downpours and moderate frosts in winter.

Figure 2. B. microspadix inflorescence.

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Nigel Kembrey,
Hardy Palms
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