Basselinia pancheri

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Figure 1. Young plant, showing unsplit leaves.


Common Names:



Rainforest in south, west and north-west New Caledonia. Often found in exposed areas.


Single stemmed, occasionally clustering, emergant palm to 15m. Almost entire, stffly erect leaves, with very little splitting.


Often regarded as one of the most attractive of the New Caledonian palms.


Moist to wet soils, light shade to full sun.

Basselinia pancheri-01.jpg
Basselinia pancheri1-01.jpg

Figure 2. Figure 3.

Basselinia pancheri3-01.jpg
Basselinia pancheri4-01.jpg

Figure 4. Crownshaft detail, with inflorescence. Figure 5. Crownshaft close-up.

Figure 6. B. pancheri

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