Attalea dubia

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Figure 1. A. dubia


Common Names:

Bacua"u Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Coastal rain forest of eastern Brazil from Rio de Janeiro to Santa Catarina, on well-drained soils. It is the most southerly growing of the Attaleas.


A massive, solitary pinnate palm to 8 metres tall, with erect, dark green leaves in a shuttle-cock type arrangement.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position in rich soil. Will handle tropical thru to temperate climates, but it probably isn't frost tolerant. Seeds are slow, hard to germinate and you often get two seedlings from one seed. Very rarely seen in cultivation.

Reserve Serra do Tabuleiro, Santa Catarina state, Brazil.
Figure 3. A. dubia
Figure 4. A. dubia
Figure 5. A. dubia in habitat, on the coast of Brazil, July 2005with Dr. Virgilio Sanchez.

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