Astrocaryum jauari

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Figure 1. A. jauari


Common Names:

Jauari Palm

Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Flooded river margins and floodplains of Amazonian rainforest where the plants can be submerged for up to 300 days per year. It is very common in certain areas, for example, in the floodplains of the Rio Negro, in Brazilian Amazonia, where it is the most common palm, and it often forms large colonies.


An tall (to 20m), clustering, spiny palm (usually 4-6 trunks) with plumose leaves.


The seed of this species is dispersed by fish. These palms are extensively used by the locals for such things as house posts (trunks), baskets (petioles) and the fruit is used for fish bait.


Shady, moist position in the tropics. Doesn't mind wet feet. Fruiting occurs at the height of wet season, so inundation may improve germination.

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