Astrocaryum aculeatissimum

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Figure 1. A. aculeatissimum in habitat, Registro, S"o Paulo State, Brazil.


Common Names:

Breja"va Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

This palm is endemic to southeastern Brazil Atlantic Coast [[en.wikipedia.orgwikiRestingas" restingas vegetation.


A moderately sized clustering palm with slender, spiny trunks, and slightly arching, flat leaves that are grayish below. The trunks are covered by rings of very sharp spines, believed by some biologists to have evolved as protection against the extinct Megatherium Giant Ground Sloth. It has large, attractive, lightly spined, orange-brown fruits.


This plant is used extensively by locals for medicinal purposes, making brooms from its fibres, sewing needles from its spines, and bows from its wood.


Tropical in its requirements.

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Pablo Boni Herrera (Figure 1)

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