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Figure 1. Approximate location of A. campestris habitat in Argentina.

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Allagoptera campestris is a very low palm that grows in tall grass in the range of the Province of Misiones, in the north-east of Argentina.

It prefers sandy and stony soils, full sun, and it tolerates temperatures down to -4°C.

In some habitats, A. campestris grows mixed with Acrocomia aculeata and Syagrus romanzoffiana, totally camouflaged with the tall grass and completely invisible.

Fruits are typical of all Allagoptera sp., occurring in a 'spatha' and are not edible. The seeds are small and germinate easy and quickly when they are fresh.

The subterranean trunk is short and sometimes branched. The leaves are pinnate and similar to S. romanzoffianum, except that they are grey below and are held spread out on the ground.

This palm grows occasionally in Argentina and is endangered in this country. The latitude 27° S is, approximately, the southern limit of this species.

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