Actinokentia divaricata

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Figure 1. New leaf, showing the deep colour.



Kentiopsis divaricata


Understory palm of wet forest slopes, from 60 to 1000m (200'-3000'), southern La Grande-Terre, New Caledonia..


A slender feather palm to 7m, with a yellow crownshaft, and 4-6 leaves.


The new leaf has intense colouration which is not commonly found in palms, either in shade or sun demanding species. The ecological value of such a phenomena is little studied but it is suggested that it is a mechanism to repel leaf-chewing insects.


Sheltered, shady, moist position, in well drained soil.

Figure 2. Crownshaft detail.
Figure 3. A. divaricata in habitat, New Caledonia.
Figure 4.
Figure 5.


Palms & Cycads Around The World", Jack Krempin

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Andre de Does (Figure 1 from
Palms of the South-West Pacific, by John L. Dowe)

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