Zamia roezlii

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Figure 1. Mature Z. roezlii in habitat; the San Juan River mouth area in Colombia. It shows a plant almost 4 meters tall next to Alvaro Calonje.


Distribution & Habitat:

Pacific coast lowlands of Colombia, often very close to the waterline. There have been reports that some plants even get inundated by high tides. It grows in beach ridges and sea cliffs, tropical rainforest, and forested wetlands adjacent to mangroves.


Very attractive plant, with long slender ribbed leaflets, (bronze when young). Leaves to about 3m long. Plants can grow up to 7m high, but that would take many, many years.


One of the most popular Zamia's amongst collectors. Said to be the most primitive Zamia.


Warm, shady, sheltered, position with a very moist potting mix. Unusual for a cycad in that doesn't ever like to dry out.

Figure 2. Z. roezlii with lovely new leaves.
Figure 3. Seedling of Z. roezlii.
Figure 4. Z. roezlii

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