Zamia furfuracea

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Figure 1. Z. furfuracea - an attractive plant in SE Queensland.



Zamia maritima,
Zamia crassifolia,
Zamia fusca var latifolia

Common Names:

Cardboard Sago

Distribution & Habitat:

Coastal savannah of eastern Mexico, where it can grow right down to the water.


A very distinctive cycad with thick, felty leaflets, and leaves up to 1m long.


Easily grown, likes full sun, and sandy, well drained soils. Very tough.
Probably the most popular cycad, after Cycas revoluta.

Figure 2. A spectacular Z. furfuracea in Sydney.
Figure 3. A very large Z. furfuracea in Hawaii.
Figure 4. A mass planting of Z. furfuracea in Adelaide.

Contributed by:

Mike Gray (Figure 1&4)
Paul Kennedy (Figure 2&3)

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