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The easiest and most obvious difference between them is at the petiole bases (where the leaf attaches to the trunk). W. robusta usually has purple/reddish petiole bases, while W. filifera has green.

Here are a couple of images illustrating the difference:- dallaspalms.com/images/kernels/W.robusta_petiole.jpg" '''''W. robusta'' petiole''' and dallaspalms.comimageskernelsW.filifera_petiole_Dal.jpg" '''''W. filifera'' petiole'''

W. robusta also has a thinner trunk, is taller, and is a significantly faster grower than W. filifera

Here is a picture of the two growing dallaspalms.com/images/kernels/W. robusta by filifera.jpg" side by side

Note: all the images are at dallaspalms.com" '''Dallas Palms'''

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