Trithrinax campestris

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Figure 1. T. campestris


Common Names:

Blue Needle Palm

Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Semi-arid areas of Argentina and Uruguay.


A clumping or (rarely) single trunked palm usually to about 2 metres high, altho occasionally more. It has a tight crown of stiff palmate leaves, blueish white on top, and glossy green underneath. The trunk is spined and is covered in a hessian like fibre.


Frost, and drought tolerant. Likes sandy, well drained soil. Very rarely grown, but it could have potential as a hardy garden plant for temperate areas.

Figure 2. T. campestris in Palermo Botanic Gardens.

Contributed by:

Gaston Torres Vera,
Cordoba, Argentina (Figures 1 - Image copyright Argentina Palms)
(Figure 2)

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