The Cycads

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The Cycads:


Both volumes of The Cycads are 8½ × 11” (22 × 28 cm) format and are printed on high-quality 150 GSM, Lumi Silk Art paper, and both are high-quality hardcover bound with full-color dust jackets. They have been discounted to A$250 per set (both volumes).

Volume 1 is on cycads of Asia & Australia. It includes 460 pages and 473 photographs,

covering the genera of Bowenia, Cycas, Lepidozamia, & Macrozamia.

Volume 2 is on cycads of Africa & The Americas. It includes 500 pages and 820 photographs,

covering the genera of Ceratozamia, Dioon, Encephalartos, Stangeria, & Zamia.

Due to the limited number of sets, these volumes are sold only as a set, and are not available for sale as individual volumes.