Syagrus x lacerdamourae

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Figure 1. S. x lacerdamourae


Distribution & Habitat:

This hybrid occurs naturally in areas where the species Syagrus coronata and Syagrus botryophora grow together, only one population was found in Itapetinga municipality – Bahia state in Brazil.


Solitary palm, 5 to 16 m tall. Stem 18–26 cm diam. with dilated base. Leaves 3 m long; leaflets 190–200 per side, irregularly arranged, clustered, inserted in 3 or 4 planes, rigid, dark green. Inflorescences 45–70 cm long, always 2–branched, the primary rachillae can be divided up to 4 branches; peduncular bract grooved, but not deeply grooved as in S. botryophora, total length 85–97 cm. Fruits 4.5–4.7 × 2.7–2.8 cm, ovoid, ice-white or yellowish-green while maturing, with brownish-yellow tomentum at the apex when mature (like a halo); mesocarp rich in oil; endocarp ovoid, 4.2–5.0 x 2.4–2.6 cm with homogeneous endosperm.


Flowering and fruiting during September - October. Seeds germinate easily. Very fast growth.

Figure 5. S. x lacerdamourae

Contributed by:

Kelen P. Soares, see PALMS 58(2): p.87-100. 2014.


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