Syagrus sancona

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Figure 2. S. sancona


Common Names:

Columbian Foxtail,
South American Foxtail Palm,
Sumunqu" Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Found high in the Andes in northern South America (Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador)


A very tall (to 30m) palm (the tallest Syagrus) with a thin, cream coloured trunk, and recurved, plumose leaves (hence the common name). Young plants have a marked bulge at the base of the trunk which is unique amongst Syagrus. Regarded as the most attractive of the Syagrus.


The same conditions as S. romanzoffiana, however it isn't as cold tolerant.

Figure 1. S. sancona in Bolivia.

Contributed by:

Ed Brown (Figure 1)
Gaston Torres Vera,
Cordoba, Argentina (Images copyright Argentina Palms) (Figure 2)

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