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Pinanga isabelensisPinanga isabelensis LinksPinanga jamariensis
Pinanga jamariensis LinksPinanga jambusanaPinanga jambusana Links
Pinanga javanaPinanga javana LinksPinanga johorensis
Pinanga johorensis LinksPinanga keahiiPinanga keahii Links
Pinanga kontumensisPinanga kontumensis LinksPinanga lacei
Pinanga lacei LinksPinanga latisectaPinanga latisecta Links
Pinanga lepidotaPinanga lepidota LinksPinanga ligulata
Pinanga ligulata LinksPinanga limbangensisPinanga limbangensis Links
Pinanga limosaPinanga limosa LinksPinanga macrospadix
Pinanga macrospadix LinksPinanga maculataPinanga maculata Links
Pinanga malaianaPinanga malaiana LinksPinanga malayan
Pinanga malayan LinksPinanga maniiPinanga manii Links
Pinanga megalocarpaPinanga megalocarpa LinksPinanga micholitzii
Pinanga micholitzii LinksPinanga minorPinanga minor Links
Pinanga minutaPinanga minuta LinksPinanga mirabilis
Pinanga mirabilis LinksPinanga modestaPinanga modesta Links
Pinanga mooreanaPinanga mooreana LinksPinanga negrosensis
Pinanga negrosensis LinksPinanga nuichuensisPinanga nuichuensis Links
Pinanga overviewPinanga overview LinksPinanga pachycarpa
Pinanga pachycarpa LinksPinanga pachyphyllaPinanga pachyphylla Links
Pinanga palustrisPinanga palustris LinksPinanga pantiensis
Pinanga pantiensis LinksPinanga paradoxaPinanga paradoxa Links
Pinanga parvulaPinanga parvula LinksPinanga patula
Pinanga patula LinksPinanga pectinataPinanga pectinata Links
Pinanga perakensisPinanga perakensis LinksPinanga philippinensis
Pinanga philippinensis LinksPinanga pilosaPinanga pilosa Links
Pinanga plicataPinanga plicata LinksPinanga polymorpha
Pinanga polymorpha LinksPinanga porrectaPinanga porrecta Links
Pinanga pulchellaPinanga pulchella LinksPinanga purpurea
Pinanga purpurea LinksPinanga quadrijugaPinanga quadrijuga Links
Pinanga ridleyanaPinanga ridleyana LinksPinanga rigida
Pinanga rigida LinksPinanga ripariaPinanga riparia Links
Pinanga rivularisPinanga rivularis LinksPinanga rumphiana
Pinanga rumphiana LinksPinanga rupestrisPinanga rupestris Links
Pinanga salicifoliaPinanga salicifolia LinksPinanga samarana
Pinanga samarana LinksPinanga sarmentosaPinanga sarmentosa Links
Pinanga sclerophyllaPinanga sclerophylla LinksPinanga scortechinii
Pinanga scortechinii LinksPinanga sessilifoliaPinanga sessilifolia Links
Pinanga sibuyanensisPinanga sibuyanensis LinksPinanga sierramadreana
Pinanga sierramadreana LinksPinanga simplicifronsPinanga simplicifrons Links
Pinanga singaporensisPinanga singaporensis LinksPinanga sobolifera
Pinanga sobolifera LinksPinanga sp. 'Acaulecens'Pinanga sp. 'Aristata'
Pinanga sp. 'Auriculata'Pinanga sp. 'Batang Ai'Pinanga sp. 'Bintulu'
Pinanga sp. 'Bukit Buan'Pinanga sp. 'Mulu A'Pinanga sp. 'Mulu B'
Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak A'Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak B'Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak C'
Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak D'Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak E'Pinanga sp. 'Sarawak F'
Pinanga sp Acaulecens LinksPinanga sp Aristata LinksPinanga sp Auriculata Links
Pinanga sp Batang Ai LinksPinanga sp Bintulu LinksPinanga sp Borneo
Pinanga sp Borneo LinksPinanga sp BukitBuan LinksPinanga sp Mulu A Links
Pinanga sp Mulu B LinksPinanga sp Sarawak A LinksPinanga sp Sarawak B Links
Pinanga sp Sarawak C LinksPinanga sp Sarawak D LinksPinanga sp Sarawak E Links
Pinanga sp Sarawak F LinksPinanga speciesPinanga species Links
Pinanga speciosaPinanga speciosa LinksPinanga stricta
Pinanga stricta LinksPinanga stylosaPinanga stylosa Links
Pinanga subintegraPinanga subintegra LinksPinanga subruminata
Pinanga subruminata LinksPinanga sylvestrisPinanga sylvestris Links
Pinanga tashiroiPinanga tashiroi LinksPinanga tenacinervis
Pinanga tenacinervis LinksPinanga tenellaPinanga tenella Links
Pinanga tenella var. tenuissimaPinanga tenella var. tenuissima LinksPinanga tomentella
Pinanga tomentella LinksPinanga tomentosaPinanga tomentosa Links
Pinanga trichoneuraPinanga trichoneura LinksPinanga uncinata
Pinanga uncinata LinksPinanga urdanetensisPinanga urdanetensis Links
Pinanga urospermaPinanga urosperma LinksPinanga variegata
Pinanga variegata LinksPinanga veitchiiPinanga veitchii Links
Pinanga versicolorPinanga versicolor LinksPinanga watanaiana
Pinanga watanaiana LinksPinanga woodianaPinanga woodiana Links
Pinanga xPinanga x LinksPinanga yassinii
Pinanga yassinii LinksPlectocomia LinksPlectocomia assamica Links
Plectocomia billitonensis LinksPlectocomia bractealis LinksPlectocomia dransfieldiana Links
Plectocomia elmeri LinksPlectocomia elongata LinksPlectocomia himalayana Links
Plectocomia khasyana LinksPlectocomia longistigma LinksPlectocomia lorzingii Links
Plectocomia macrostachya LinksPlectocomia microstachys LinksPlectocomia mulleri Links
Plectocomia pierreana LinksPlectocomia pygmaea LinksPlectocomia sp. 'A'
Plectocomia sp A LinksPlectocomiopsis LinksPlectocomiopsis corneri Links
Plectocomiopsis geminiflora LinksPlectocomiopsis mira LinksPlectocomiopsis songthanhensis Links
Plectocomiopsis triquetra LinksPlectocomiopsis wrayi LinksPodococcus Links
Podococcus acaulis LinksPodococcus barteri LinksPogonotium Links
Pogonotium divaricatum LinksPogonotium moorei LinksPogonotium ursinum Links
Polyandrococos LinksPonapea LinksPonapea hentyi
Ponapea hentyi LinksPonapea hosinoiPonapea hosinoi Links
Ponapea ledermannianaPonapea ledermanniana LinksPonapea palauensis
Ponapea palauensis LinksPrestoea LinksPrestoea acuminata
Prestoea acuminata LinksPrestoea acuminata var. dasystachysPrestoea acuminata var. dasystachys Links
Prestoea acuminata var. montanaPrestoea acuminata var. montana LinksPrestoea carderi
Prestoea carderi LinksPrestoea decurrensPrestoea decurrens Links
Prestoea ensiformisPrestoea ensiformis LinksPrestoea longipetiolata
Prestoea longipetiolata LinksPrestoea longipetiolata var. cuatrecasasiiPrestoea longipetiolata var. cuatrecasasii Links
Prestoea longipetiolata var. roseospadixPrestoea longipetiolata var. roseospadix LinksPrestoea pubens
Prestoea pubens LinksPrestoea pubens var. semispicataPrestoea pubens var. semispicata Links
Prestoea pubigeraPrestoea pubigera LinksPrestoea schultzeana
Prestoea schultzeana LinksPrestoea simplicifoliaPrestoea simplicifolia Links
Prestoea tenuiramosaPrestoea tenuiramosa LinksPritchardia Links
Pritchardia OverviewPritchardia Overview LinksPritchardia Palms Of Hawaii 2 Links
Pritchardia Palms Of Hawaii 3 LinksPritchardia Palms Of Hawaii LinksPritchardia affinis
Pritchardia affinis LinksPritchardia arecinaPritchardia arecina Links
Pritchardia aylmer-robinsoniiPritchardia aylmer-robinsonii LinksPritchardia bakeri
Pritchardia bakeri LinksPritchardia beccarianaPritchardia beccariana Links
Pritchardia ellipticaPritchardia elliptica LinksPritchardia flynnii
Pritchardia flynnii LinksPritchardia forbesianaPritchardia forbesiana Links
Pritchardia glabrataPritchardia glabrata LinksPritchardia gordonii
Pritchardia gordonii LinksPritchardia hardyiPritchardia hardyi Links
Pritchardia hillebrandiiPritchardia hillebrandii LinksPritchardia kaalae
Pritchardia kaalae LinksPritchardia kahukuensisPritchardia kahukuensis Links
Pritchardia lanaiensisPritchardia lanaiensis LinksPritchardia lanigera
Pritchardia lanigera LinksPritchardia limahuliensisPritchardia limahuliensis Links
Pritchardia lowreyanaPritchardia lowreyana LinksPritchardia maideniana
Pritchardia maideniana LinksPritchardia martiiPritchardia martii Links
Pritchardia martii in habitatPritchardia minorPritchardia minor Links
Pritchardia mitiaroanaPritchardia mitiaroana LinksPritchardia munroi
Pritchardia munroi LinksPritchardia napaliensisPritchardia napaliensis Links
Pritchardia pacificaPritchardia pacifica (2)Pritchardia pacifica Links
Pritchardia perlmaniiPritchardia perlmanii LinksPritchardia remota
Pritchardia remota LinksPritchardia remota in habitatPritchardia schattaueri
Pritchardia schattaueri LinksPritchardia thurstoniiPritchardia thurstonii Links
Pritchardia viscosaPritchardia viscosa LinksPritchardia vuylstekeana