Salacca dransfieldiana

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Figure 1. S. dransfieldiana in Semagoh National Park, Sarawak.


Distribution & Habitat:

Borneo rainforest - in a single lowland alluvial flat.


A small, clumping palm, with simple notched leaves. It is dioecious, but female plants are unknown, so it is thought that all the existing plants are vegetative offspring of a single parent.


A very attractive plant for the tropical/warm sub-tropical garden.


Warm, sheltered and moist. Can take temps down to 3°C, but doesn't like it.

Figure 2. S. dransfieldiana in cultivation, SE Queensland.

Contributed by:

Phillip Arrowsmith (Figure 1)
Clayton York,
'Utopia Palms & Cycads (Figure 2)

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