Sabal mexicana

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Figure 1. S. mexicana



S. exul , S. xtexensis , S. texana

Common Names:

Texas palm,
Texas sabal palm,
Oaxaca palmetto,
Mexican palmetto,
Rio Grande palmetto

Distribution & Habitat:

This palm is found rich coastal soils of southern Texas, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.


This is a medium to large solitary fan palm, to 15m tall, with a closely ringed, grey trunk, and persistant leaf bases, which form a crosshatch pattern on the trunk. It has up to 25 light thru to deep emerald green costapalmate leaves, at the end of smooth, unarmed petioles, up to 4.5m long.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Frost and drought tolerant. Slow growing.

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