Rhapis robusta

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R. robusta grows to 2 metres tall with canes up to 10mm in diameter covered with leaf sheaths that have brown evenly spaced fine fibres. Palmate leaves have four segments that are divided nearly to the junction with the petiole. Leaflets have three to four main ribs, and are broad, being up to 50mm long and 25mm wide. lnflorescences are up to 250mm long, branched to third order, with slender branchlets that are covered with fine brownish hairs. No information is available on mature fruits. Cultural requirements would probably be similar to the other species of Rhapis.

Contributed by:

Heinz-Dieter Froehlingsdorf, South Australia.
Reproduced from Palms & Cycads No. 39, Apr-Jun 1993.

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