Pritchardia munroi

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Figure 1. P. munroi


Distribution & Habitat:

Restricted to a dry gulch at about 2000ft altitude on the lee side of the Hawaiian Island of Molokai.


Small to Medium sized palm 4-5 m tall, trunk grey, 20 cm in diameter. The leaves are small, with drooping points, upper surface smooth, lower surface scattered with large elliptical scales. The lower costae of the leaf are densely covered in fawn coloured felty scales. The branches of the inflorescence which are shorter than the petioles are covered in a dense grey brown felt. Fruit similar to P. remota, black-brown when mature, 20-22mm in diameter and the seeds are 10-11mm in diameter. This is the only species with small fruit (25mm) and felty covered panicles.


Discovered by Mr. James Munro of Molokai in 1920. Very endangered in habitat with only one or 2 specimens left. It is however, reasonably well established in cultivation.


According to its habitat may be drought tolerant and cool tolerant.

Figure 2. P. munroi
Figure 3. P. munroi


P. munroi Rock, Beccari and Rock, Pritchardia 1921

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