Pritchardia hardyi

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Figure 1. P. hardyi in habitat.



P. weissichiana

Common Names:


Distribution & Habitat:

P. hardyi grows near the summit camp on the pole line trail in Kauai at around 600 metres in open forest.


Large palm 20 or more metres high. Petioles covered in reddish brown felt. The lower costae are clothed in reddish felt. The leaves are dark green, very large with drooping points, smooth above but closely dotted below with golden yellow scales. The inflorescence, like P. kaalae is up to 2 meters in length. The fruits are ellipsoidal around 20x16 mm with seeds 12x10 mm.


Said to be similar to P. minor it is a handsome palm, one of the tallest in the genus. One of only 3 species with inflorescences greatly exceeding the crown.


Not commonly cultivated.


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