Pritchardia flynnii

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Figure 1. P. flynnii


Distribution & Habitat:

Growing along ridges in Kauai at around 700 metres elevation.


A medium sized palm resembling P. hardyi, it has a trunk up to 7 metres, a crown with 10-26 leaves, small leaf blades less than 1 metres long, densely covered underneath with pale brown or grey scales (see Fig 2), and smooth ovoid/ellipsoid fruits which are purple black when ripe, 14-18 mm long and 9-12 mm wide when dry.


P. flynii was discovered in 1999 and described by Lorence and Gemmill in 2004.

Conservation Status:

As there are only 350 to 400 palms left in habitat, it is considered threatened.


As yet unknown in cultivation.

Figure 2. P. flynnii showing underside of leaf and fruit.


"Pritchardia flynii, a new Endemic Species from Kauai", Lorence and Gemmill, Novon 14 2004

Contributed by:

Chris King (Text).
David H. Lorence,
National Tropical Botanical Garden (Figure 1&2).

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