Pritchardia beccariana

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Figure 1. P. beccariana trunk and crown.


Common Names:

Kilauea pritchardia

Conservation Status:

Not endangered

Distribution & Habitat:

In forest near the Mt Kilauea at an elevation 1000-1300 metres, on the island of Hawaii.


A tall palm on a slender, closely ringed stem, 20-30cm diameter with a large globular crown of leaves.

The petioles are up to 3 m long but typically 1 -1.5 meters when sun grown. The very large leaf blade is nearly flat, and almost circular in profile, the leaflets are not deeply divided into the blade. The outer leaflets have have slightly drooping points but the inner 10-20 do not droop. The underside of the leaf has a coating of small scales.

The spadix is up to 1.5 metres long with 4-6 inflorescences, spathes are smooth to lightly covered in silvery or brownish scales.

Fruit is vary variable, black when ripe, oval to spherical, 35x30 mm encasing a spherical seed 18-20 mm in diameter.


Not like most of the Hawaian pritchardias, it has leaves similar to P. pacifica.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position.

Figure 2. P. beccariana crown close-up.
Figure 3. P. beccariana leaf close-up.


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