Phoenix reclinata

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Phoenix senegalensis

Common Names:

Senegal Date Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Found in Africa in swamps, and on river banks, usually close to the coast.


A large, clumping palm, to about 10m tall.


Too large for most gardens, but very good for parks.


Sunny, and moist position. Likes lots of water, (it doesn't mind wet feet), and fertiliser. Frost tolerant.

Figure 1. P. reclinata in habitat, Ngare Ndare River in Kenya.

[[localhost_Sydney_index| Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Figure 2. P. reclinata, Ngare Ndare River, Kenya.Figure 3. P. reclinata at
File:Phoenix http://localhost/palms/Borassus/aethiopum05.jpg
Figure 4. Phoenix reclinata with Borassus aethiopum, by a riverbank in Malawi.

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