Phoenicophorium borsigianum

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Figure 1. P. borsigianum in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.



Stevensoniana borsigianum

Common Names:

Latanier feuille,
Stevenson's palm,
Thief palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Rainforest on the Seychelles islands of Silhouette, and Mahe.


A very attractive solitary palm to about 15m high, with a spined trunk, and large entire leaves, with very deep indentations. Orange petioles.


The large dried leaves, are used by the locals for thatching. The leaves are also known to provide shelter for geckos and invertebrates as the pleated surface acts as an effective litter trap which provides cover for small animals.


Warm, sunny, moist, but well drained position. Although a plant of the deep rainforest, it can stand almost full sun from quite an early age. Tropics and warm sub-tropics only. A very popular collectors palm.

Phoenicophorium borsigianum (11).JPG

Figure 2. P. borsigianum

Phoenicophorium borsigianum (16).JPG

Figure 3. P. borsigianum

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