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The weekend of March 11 - 12, 2017 at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium, Brisbane

Hours: Saturday 9am to 4pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm

Admission $3 / $2 Concession

Features :

  • An impressive display of native and exotic palms & cycads.
  • Books, posters and magazines for reference and purchase.
  • Experts available to ask about the suitability of palms and cycad species for your garden.
  • Extensive low-cost plant and seed sale for indoors/outdoors, full sun/shade, feature/screening, fan/solitary, rare/common. So a great place to indulge your gardening passion.
  • Cold drinks.
  • Membership.
  • Admission - $3/$2 concession
  • All members are welcome to sell plants at the show; contact Mark Wuschke, or 0410 680 467 for info.

  • Make your garden look different; select palms and cycads not commonly grown in SE Queensland.
  • Choose from a list of 40 different alternative palm varieties (see less common SE Qld Palms (link)). You’ll be given this list as a handout on entry and will be able to look for examples to view (and buy).
  • Also consider growing native and exotic cycads other than Cycas and Macrozamia. The new fronds of these are usually NOT eaten by the caterpillars of the cycad blue butterfly so look great.


Learn More :

If you are interested, but new to palms and cycads, and are not sure what would suit your garden, have a look at the following pages to give you some idea about what's what.

Show02.jpg Show03.jpg
Figure 1. Plant display. Figure 2. Plant sales.

Examples of plants that will be for sale:

C hookerii.jpg E bubalinus.jpg
Figure 3. Chambeyronia_macrocarpa Figure 4. Encephalartos_bubalinus
E ferox.jpg Z neurophyllidia.jpg
Figure 5. Encephalartos_ferox Figure 6. Zamia_neurophyllidia
Copernicia hospita06.jpg Ptychosperma waitianum10.jpg
Figure 7. Copernicia_hospita Figure 8. Ptychosperma_waitianum