Oraniopsis appendiculata

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Figure 1. O. appendiculatain habitat, Mt Lewis, Queensland.



Orania appendiculata

Common Names:

Bronze Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

North-east Queensland rainforest.


A tall, single trunked palm to about 10m (30ft), very attractive, with an upright crown of leaves, and long thin leaflets, which have a greyish undersurface.


Its closest palm relatives are the Ceroxylon of South America.


Warm, sheltered and moist. Likes a rich, well drained, loamy soil, with high humidity. Unfortunately this palm is painfully slow growing which has severely hampered its take up as a garden plant. Can take light frost.

Figure 2. O. appendiculata in habitat.
Figure 3. O. appendiculata infructescence
Figure 4. O. appendiculata in habitat, next to anArchontophoenix purpurea.

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