Metroxylon vitiense

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Figure 1. M. vitiense.


Distribution & Habitat:

A Fijian endemic that inhabits swampy areas in clearings where the ground is constantly wet and it receives good sunlight. It can be found in a few stands on Viti Levu and in one location on Vanua Levu.


This is a stout palm to 15 meters in height with spined fronds to 5 meters in length. Seeds are roundish and up to 8 cm in diameter with green scales that later turn brown.


The fronds are used for thatching and the heart is eaten. Due to overuse it is considered vulnerable.


A good, fast growing palm for cultivation but will need replacing after about 20 years as it is [[en.wikipedia.orgwikiMonocarpic" monocarpic.

Figure 2. M. vitiense new leaf.
Figure 3. M. vitiense germinating seeds.
Figure 4. M. vitiense.
Figure 5. M. vitiense.

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