Livistona australis

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Figure 1. L. australis in habitat, Royal National Park,


Common Names:

Australian Cabbage Palm,
Fan Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Very widely distributed throughout lowland forest and swamps of eastern Australia.


Large, attractive fan palm.


Very popular landscaping plant.


Very hardy palm, grown from the tropics thru to temperate regions. Frost tolerant. Likes lots of water, and lots of sun. Wind, and salt tolerant.

just south of Sydney, NSW.

Figure 2. Looking into the crown.
Figure 3. Leaf close-up.
Figure 4. Young plant, Royal National Park.
In parts of the park, these palms form forests.
Figure 6. L. australis grows almost to the shore-line in some parts of the Royal National Park.Figure 7. Nicely rounded crown.
Figure 8. More shore-line dwellers.
Figure 9. Leaf silhouettes.

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