Licuala spinosa

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Figure 1. L. spinosa in Kuching, Borneo.



Licuala horrida

Common Names:

Spiny Licuala Palm,
Mangrove Fan Palm

Climate Zones:

Normally found in the tropics, however it probably the best of the Licualas in terms of cold hardiness, being able to withstand several degrees of frost.


Moist, wet coastal areas and river banks throughout South-East Asia.


A very vigorous and attractive palm, forming large clumps to about 3-4 metres high. It has large round divided leaves up to a metre across, with the leaf stalks being quite heavily spined.


This differs markedly from the typical Licualas, in that its cold tolerant, and prefers full sun. It is also like lots of water, and is usually very happy in poorly drained areas.

Figure 2. L. spinosa
Figure 3. L. spinosa

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