Lepidorrhachis mooreana

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a fructescence with an abundance of fruit.


Common Names:

Little Mountain palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Lord Howe Island where it grows only high up in the mountains, at and above approximately 800 metres in the cool moist atmosphere which is found there. The mountain top on which it grows is often enveloped in cloud.


It is a small/medium sized pinnate palm with a short green-brown crownshaft but it does possess a strikingly attractive fructescence.


Renowned for its difficulty in cultivation, mainly because it comes from a very specialised and difficult to recreate envinronment (very cool and humid).

Lepidorrhachis mooreana02.jpg

Figure 2. L. mooreana on Mount Gower showing seed and an emerging inflorescence. Stepping of the trunk resembles stacked green beakers.

Contributed by:

John and Jean Price (Figure 1&2) (from Palms & Cycads No. 57, Oct-Dec 1997).

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