Kentiopsis oliviformis

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Figure 1. K. oliviformis in habitat, New Caledonia.



Kentia oliviformis


Emergant palm of moist forest in central La Grande-Terre, New Caledonia.


Tall palm to about 30m, with a smooth greenish/grey trunk. The young leaves are a very pale green, while mature leaves can have a bluish tinge. Quite similar in appearance to Howea forsteriana.


This is the tallest palm of New Caledonia.


They like full sun, and lots of water, and a sub-tropical rather than tropical climate. Usually thought to be slow growing, but several plants in south-east Queensland have displayed an impressive growth rate.

Figure 2. The bluish tinge is just noticeable here.
Figure 3. K. oliviformis trunk detail.
Figure 4. Two nice plants of K. oliviformis in cultivation.

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