Jubaeopsis caffra

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Figure 1. J. caffra in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens.


Common Names:

Pondoland Palm
Kaffir Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Exposed coastal hillsides of Pondoland, South Africa, and around the lower reaches of the Mtentu, Msikaba, and Mzintlava rivers.


A clumping, pinnate leaved palm to about 5m tall, with the leaves being arranged in five ranks.


A relative of the coconut, as well as Jubaea chilensis (hence the name).


Like a sunny, well drained position, with ground water. Very slow growing. Seeds are difficult to germinate, although more success is being gained by just covering the seeds with moist sphagnum moss.

Figure 2. J. caffra in the the City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.


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