Iriartella setigera

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Figure 2. I. setigera


Common Names:


Distribution & Habitat:

Wet lowland rainforest from south east Colombia through to northern South America


A small understory palm with a solitary trunk but eventually clumping, 3-8m tall and 2-4cm in diameter, with a small spiny system of aerial roots. It has a sparse crown of up to 6 leaves, 1.2-1.5m long, with 8-10 diamond shaped leaflets which have a velvety feel when touched.


Tropical conditions only; warm, sheltered and moist. Prefer sandy acidic soils. Seed is very slow and difficult to germinate.

Figure 1. I. setigera in habitat.
Figure 3. I. setigera
Figure 4. I. setigera seedling

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