Hydriastele beguinii

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Figure 1. H. beguinii



Siphokentia beguinii

Distribution & Habitat:

Rainforest in the North West Moluccas.


A very attractive, medium sized, slender, solitary palm, to about 8m (25ft) tall, with 2m (6ft) long, irregulary pinnate, shiny green, recurved leaves, with large leaflets which remain unsplit or variably split until the palm is quite old. It has very large, wedge-shaped terminal leaflets. Closely related to Gronophyllums


Still mainly a collectors, this very attractive, and easily grown palm hasn't yet recieved that attention it deserves.


Sheltered and moist, but well drained. Grows happily in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Figure 2. H. beguinii 'Ode Island' leaf detail.
Figure 3. H. beguinii 'Ode Island' crownshaft.
Figure 4. H. beguinii 'Ode Island' crownshaft and inflorescence.
Figure 5. H. beguinii 'Ode Island' inflorescence.

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