Euterpe edulis

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Figure 1. E. edulis


Common Names:

Jucara Palm,

Distribution & Habitat:

An emergent rainforest palm, it is found cross large areas of south-eastern Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, and Paraguay.


A tall, slim, solitary palm to 8m high, with an attractive crown of drooping leaves, and a coloured crownshaft.


The palm heart is very commonly eaten, typically steamed. Because this is a highly prized dish, (often called "Millioniares salad" due to its price), and it is a single stemmed plant, (and not suckering like its brother E. oleracea, so collection of the palm heart is always fatal), the populations of the plant are being put under pressure in some areas.


Warm sheltered, and moist, but well drained. Likes filtered sun when young, but can take full sun as it matures.

Figure 2. E. edulis

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