Encephalartos paucidentatus

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Figure 1. E. paucidentatus


Common Names:

Barberton Cycad

Distribution & Habitat:

Found on heavily forested steep slopes, at about 1500m altitude, from the south-east of Transvall, through to Swaziland.


A large clumping cycad to about 6m tall, with up to 5 stems. Leaves are glossy, bright-green, erect, incurved, and up to 2m long. Similar in appearance to E. heenanii, and E. transvenosus.


Becoming endangered in habitat, due to illegal collecting.


Prefers a lightly shaded position, good drainage and mulch. Doesn't like being disturbed. Does best in temperate areas.

Figure 2. E. paucidentatus leaf detail
Figure 3. New leaf detail.

Contributed by:

Kim&Kelly Christensen (Figures 1&3).
Jason Sampson (Figures 3)

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