Encephalartos munchii

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the cone of a male plant.



Open, rocky scrub central Mozambique. Only a single colony known.


A member of the E. manikensis complex, it is a small plant, to 1.0m tall, and 35cm in diameter. Numerous soapy-green 1.0-1.3m leaves, with a very slight v cross-section. The young leaves have a distinctly blue colour.


Light shade/full sun in the cool tropics/sub-tropics. Their natural habitat has very hot, wet summers, and cool, dry winters. Seedlings are easy to establish, but mature plants have proved virtually impossible to transplant.

Figure 2. E. munchii leaf detail.

[[www.qbgardens.org" Quail Botanic Gardens

Figure 3. E. munchii at

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