Encephalartos manikensis

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Figure 1. E. manikensis female cone.


Common Names:

Gorongowe cycad,
Gorongo cycad,
Manica cycad

Distribution & Habitat:

Found in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, in the highlands of the Mapande Range, often around granite outcrops, and also in forested river valleys. There are a number of seperate populations, most of which have distinctive features, but they aren't consistent enough to warrant being seperated out into new species.


It is a medium sized cycad, with a stout erect trunk to 1.5m tall and 30cm diameter, with dark green, glossy leaves between 1 and 2 metres long, with short petioles and numerous reduced spine-like leaflets.


Sunny, well drained position.

Figure 2. E. manikensis leaf detail.
Figure 3. E. manikensis at Quail Gardens
Figure 4. E. manikensis male cones

Contributed by:

Peter Heibloem Cycad Gardens (Figure 1&4)
Colin Wilson (Figure 2&3)

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