Encephalartos laurentianus

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Figure 1. E. laurentianus


Conservation Status:

Near Threatened

Common Names:

Kwango Giant Cycad

Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to the rainforest valleys of the Kwango River, in the south-west Democratoc Republic of Congo, and northern Angloa. It grows in shady humid rainforest thru to exposed sandstone.


A massive cycad (by far the largest Encephalartos) with stems up to 15m tall (50 feet), one metre across (3 feet), vigorously suckering, and leaves up to 7m (22 feet) long, with dark green leaflets.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Likes lots of water in the growing season. An extremely fast grower, putting out up to 5 flushes a year.

Figure 2. E. laurentianus with male cones

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Peter Heibloem
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