Dypsis lutescens

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Figure 1. D. lutescens distinctive stems.



Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

Common Names:

Golden Cane Palm,
Butterfly Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to East Madagascar and La Réunion. It is found in littoral forest or heath vegetation on white sand, also on rock; persists in secondary growth and may be locally common. Alt. 5-35 m.


A clustering palm, with up to about a dozen golden coloured trunks, but no main trunk as the Ptychospermas have. The trunks curve out from the base (see Figure 3), while the feather leaves a quite recurved as well.


One of the most popular palms in the tropics and sub-tropics, due to its ease of growth, and attractiveness. Used for both landscaping duties, as well as an indoor plant.


A very adaptable palm, but grows best in full sun, in a well drained, but moist spot. Drought tolerant, but not very frost tolerant (for a similar palm that is, look at D. baronii).

Figure 2. D. lutescens - looking into the crown of a larger plant.
Figure 3. D. lutescens - looking at the base of the same plant.
Figure 4. D. lutescens - a 100 year old specimen, Petropolis, Brazil.
Figure 5. D. lutescens
Figure 6. D. lutescens inflorescence
Figure 7. D. lutescens infructescence

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