Deckenia nobilis

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Figure 1. D. nobilisin Oahu t Ho'O'Mahulia, Oahu, Hawaii.


Common Names:

Millionaire's Salad

Conservation Status:

[[www.iucnredlist.orgdetails38508" Endangered It is harvested for the edible palm heart.

Distribution & Habitat:

An emergent palm of the Seychelles in lowland forest up to 600 m.


A very tall (to 35m), slender palm, with a whitish crownshaft. The dark green, pinnate leaves are covered in black spines on the underside, however they form a very attractive crown. It also has a very spiny seed pod and the seed are about the size of a sunflower kernel.


This palm is rather cold sensitive (as are all the Seychelles palms), and also requires very good drainage.

Figure 2. D. nobilis
Figure 3. D. nobilis
Figure 4. D. nobilis spathes and inflorescences.
Figure 5. D. nobilis spathes and inflorescences.

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