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[[File:Chamaerops_vulcano02.jpg|right|frame|Figure 1. ''C. humilis'' var '''Vulcano''', close-up of the petioles.]]
[[File:Chamaerops_vulcano02.jpg|right|frame|Figure 1. ''C. humilis'' var ''Vulcano'', close-up of the petioles.]]
A compact ecotype of ''C. humilis'',
A compact ecotype of ''C. humilis'',

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Figure 1. C. humilis var Vulcano, close-up of the petioles.



A compact ecotype of C. humilis, with an almost undivided leaf blade, reminiscent of Licualas, and also almost spineless petioles, commonly called Vulcano.


As for Chamaerops_humilis.

Figure 2. C. humilis var Vulcano, showing the distinctive leaf shape.

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