Burretiokentia hapala

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Figure 1. Burretiokentia hapala inflorescense



New Caledonian rainforest on a variety of soils.


An emergant palm to 15 m tall, a prominantely ringed, glossy green trunk to 15 cm diameter. It has a neat crown of glossy green, pinnate leaves, to about 2.4 m long.


This palm has proved rather easy to grow in South Queensland, much more so than its sibling B. viellardii. As a seedling it requires shade and ample amounts of water, but it can quickly adapt to full sun position. It is also rather cold tolerant.

Figure 2. Plant in habitat, New Caledonia
Figure 3. Close-up of the crownshaft.
Figure 4. Attactive trunk on B. hapala.
Figure 5. B. hapala in habitat, New Caledonia.
Figure 6. The beautifull inflorescense.

Contributed by:

Rolf Kyburz, (Figures 1,2&3)
John Lyle (Figures 4-6).

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