Attalea funifera

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Figure 1. A. funifera.


Common Names:

Pissaba palm,
Piassava palm,
Bahia piassaba palm

Distribution & Habitat:

It is mainly found in dry forests along the north-eastern coast of Brazil in the state of Bahia.


A large, solitary palm reaching 12-15 m in height with up to 12 m long leaves. It forms a plumose head of up to 30 large leaves that are held erect in a shuttlecock-like crown.


This palm is widely used locally for its high quality, stiff fibers which are used in making ropes, mats, and brushes. The fibre is strong, and hard and it does not absorb moisture easily.


Warm, sunny, and moist.

Contributed by:

Gilenao Machado (Figure 1)

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